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VOTED Best of Philly KIDS “Keeping Teens off the Streets”

VOTED Best of South Jersey, “Open Mic Night”

“Sara O’Brien, a singer-songwriter, who is also a certified yoga, Pilates and kickboxing instructor – narrowly escaped death when the house she was living in earlier this year was engulfed in flamesdue to a faulty lamp. O’Brien, who plays cello and guitar, said she woke up unexpectedly at 3:30 a.m. Aug. 11 realizing “something was dreadfully wrong.” She and her roommate escaped the smoke-and-flame engulfed house through a second floor window. O’Brien actually jumped onto a trampoline below….”
- Nicole Pensiero, Courier-Post Newspaper
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Birthdays & Sara-nades (complete info)

Sara-nades aka Singing Telegrams

Send that special song or
embarrass the heck out of someone!
Have Sara O’Brien or LuLoo & Friends entertain that special someone
on that special day.

Singing Telegram, Basic: $60
Includes: costumed entertainer, song and dance

Singing Telegram, Deluxe: $100, includes all of the above PLUS a personalized song written just for person of honor.  The song is printed & presented at the end of the telegram.

Singing Telegram, Extreme:$150, includes all of the above PLUS personalized skit & birthday gift of cd and t-shirt (I really like NJ or Being Weird is Cool). The skit will cause your special someone to be very embarrassed or extremely confused, then, we burst into song!

***Additional cost may be added for travel.